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We are active members of The Semantic Shed and the FIBO Development efforts 


Recent Publications 


Exploring FIBO Using the Inference and Property Path Features of GraphDB 

This article describes the utility provided by property paths and reasoning for exploring and understanding the Financial Industry Business Ontology (FIBO) - a big OWL-based ontology of more than 1000 classes and its accompanying SKOS-based vocabulary. We use GraphDB’s Workbench to load FIBO, experiment with different reasoning profiles (OWL 2 RL proves more useful than RDFS), comprehend its structure using the Class Hierarchy diagram and explore it with the Visual Graph facility. Finally, we demonstrate how GraphDB can be used to combine OWL 2 RL reasoning and property paths combined to check the structural integrity of FIBO.

FIBO in Context

In the first post of the FIBO series I demonstrated how one can load FIBO in GraphDB, perform inference and explore its structure. In this post, I will present a technique employing GraphDB’s similarity indexes, which helps demonstrate the alignment of FIBO with other vocabularies in specific business contexts.